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Datalab's Mission

Datalab provides timely analysis and certification of process tanks, printed circuit board sections, mechanical testing and environmental samples.

Talent at Datalab

Tim Lundell, PE, CIH, a California Professional Engineer and a Certified Industrial Hygienist is the owner of Datalab. He brings a wealth of industrial hygiene, environmental engineering and stack testing experience.

Helen Ham is our laboratory director, bringing extensive analytical laboratory experience.

Certification of Process Tanks

Mechanical Testing

Sampling Capabilities

ChemTrak Software

PE & CIH Certification


Sampling & Analytics

We are able to take air monitoring, liquid, solid and stack samples. Our analysis equipment includes flame AA, ICP, Ion Chromatography, Spectrophotometry, Cyanide Distillation and a fully stocked analytical laboratory.

We are certified as an Environmental Laboratory by the California Department of Public Health, ELAP #2663.

Chemical Process

For our clients needing Statistical Process Control (SPC) we provide results using ChemTrak software.


We are able to provide PE and CIH certifications. You may require these for tank and containment or industrial hygiene certifications.

Mechanical Testing

We have sectioning and mounting capabilities for such items as PC boards and metallurgical specimens. We have a salt spray test unit, a Taber abrasion testing instrument and an Instron tensile tester.

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Phone: 510-867-9534
Email: staff@datalab.com

Accredited Laboratory

California Department of Public Health, ELAP #2663
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