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Datalab has the equipment and experience to meet all of your testing needs. We guarantee accuracy and quick response. We offer regularly scheduled testing to insure that your testing meets industry plating and anodizing specifications. We also offer programs to insure compliance with governmental safety and environmental regulations.

Nationwide Service

Our DOT-approved shipping kits include printed labels, vials and shipping boxes so you can overnight samples to us. We have results back to you within 24 hours of receipt of samples.





Salt Spray Tester


ISO 9227

MIL-A-8625 ¶ requires monthly testing of anodized panels (test specimens) to confirm that your process is meeting specification requirements. These tests include coating weight, corrosion resistance, light fastness and abrasion resistance. The exact tests and parameters depend upon the type, class and sealing. See MIL-A-8625 for details.

Taber 535




ASTM F1978

ISO 10074



Method 6192

Abrasion testing, or wear resistance, is a common specification requirement. Samples of material to be tested are mounted on the abraser's rotating turntable and subjected to the wearing action of two abrasive wheels applied at a specific pressure. A unique 'X' pattern of abrasion, an exclusive Taber feature, is produced by the rotary rub-wear action of the wheels. Wear action occurs as the wheels are turned by the rotating sample. The axis of rotation of the wheels is displaced from that of the turntable so that a sliding action is generated as they rotate, abrading the material. An area of 30 square centimeters is subjected to wear, and a complete circle on the material surface is abraded at all angles of grain or weave.

MicroMet 5104

Hardness Tester



Various military and industrial plating specifications require periodic testing for microhardness - most notable are those for electroless nickel and gold. Microhardness refers to the measurement of indentations made when a specific indenter is pressed into a surface under light loads (less than 1kg/sq ft). The indenter can be either the Vickers diamond pyramid or the Knoop elongated diamond pyramid. The surface being tested generally requires a smooth finish; the smaller the load, the higher the surface finish required. A precision microscope is used to measure the indentation, usually under a magnification of around 500x and with a measurement accuracy of +0.5 micrometers.


Sampling & Analytics

We are able to take air monitoring, liquid, solid and stack samples. Our analysis equipment includes flame AA, ICP, Ion Chromatography, Spectrophotometry, Cyanide Distillation and a fully stocked analytical laboratory.

We are certified as an Environmental Laboratory by the California Department of Public Health, ELAP #2663.

Chemical Process

For our clients needing Statistical Process Control (SPC) we provide results using ChemTrak software.


We are able to provide PE and CIH certifications. You may require these for tank and containment or industrial hygiene certifications.

Mechanical Testing

We have sectioning and mounting capabilities for such items as PC boards and metallurgical specimens. We have a salt spray test unit, a Taber abrasion testing instrument and an Instron tensile tester.

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